I like hamsters.

Please enjoy these hamster pictures.

'Dalmation' Syrian Hamster

"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!"
This guy was a huge hamster. As an adult, he was 10 inches long and weighed about a pound.

Roborovski Hamster in a hamster ball.

"Personal Force Field"
Hamsters love to run. Roborovsky hamsters are the fastest hamster breed.

'Roborovski Hamsters in a bucket

"You see all that crap down there? I can make more in your hand if you don't put me down."
Rodent irises are generally very difficult to capture in photos. While they don't have great vision, hamsters do have a very wide field of vision, allowing them to detect movement from possible predators.

'Roborovski Hamsters in a bucket being eyed by a grey tabby cat

"I think someone's watching us."
Smaller rodents tend to have pretty poor bowel control. While Syrian hamsters are somewhat okay about not relieving thmeselves outside their favorite 'potty' area, Roborovski hamsters tend to poop whenever they feel like it.
No hamsters were harmed or eaten in the making of this photo.


On the Subject of Intelligent Species

Boar-b-que writes: The Year of the Linux Desktop (for me)


"Joe McCarthy is a Huge Jerk"

In the 1950s, The Amazing Man has returned to Earth after a long sojourn in outer space. Of course the superhero's fellow humans are every bit as petty as before he left, but there are things on Earth that make it worth being there.

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